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Dineen Opticians Eye Exam Room


Here at Dineen Opticians, we can deliver hospital-quality eyecare to detect sight-threatening eye conditions at their earliest with our OCT and Optomap scans as part of an advanced eye test. 


We also offer regular private eye examinations and NHS appointments are available for those who are eligible.


We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting our practice. We appreciate that everybody's needs are different. We can tailor every appointment to the individual but they will all follow the same steps - some pre-screening questions, any required screening and tests, we'll discuss any results and then, if needed, we'll recommend new glasses or contact lenses to meet your prescription.


For more step-by-step info on our appointments, please visit our Autism Aware page. If you’re thinking of coming to see us for an eye test and have specific requirements, please give us a call so that we can discuss how best to help you.


Our Optomap screening equipment lets our Optometrists see a 200° view of your retina which is an increase of 50% over the next closest imaging device you might find elsewhere1. The benefit of this is that we can see a larger view of your eye and may spot any possible concerns even earlier.

The test works like a scan, it is quick, easy and non-invasive. Nothing will touch your eye during this scan.

Optomap imaging is included in our private examination and is as an option for all NHS patients. For a fully comprehensive eye examination we recommend that all patients have an Optomap scan.

 1. Witmer, Parlitsis, Patel, Kiss. Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, USA. Clinical Ophthalmology, Feb 20, 2013

Optomap Scan


Our highly qualified and experienced team are here to ensure that you recieve the best possible care. 

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