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Womens Eye Close Up Wearing Contact Lenses


We combine our years of experience with the very latest in contact lens technology to offer you clear and comfortable vision all day long.


When it comes to contact lenses, some people are still under the impression that they are uncomfortable to wear and only suitable for young people.

Contacts offer a comfortable and convenient alternative to wearing your spectacles. Whether you have an active lifestyle or are after a different look for a special occasion, contact lenses offer you the freedom to enjoy clear vision without glasses.

Contact lenses today are made from materials which self lubricate and deliver high quantities of oxygen to the eye – so that they can be comfortably and safely worn for longer periods of time.


There are contact lenses to cater for almost every lifestyle and prescription.


Whether you’re short-sighted, long-sighted, or require multi-focal vision correction, there are several options available in daily, weekly or longer-wear varieties. 


Following a contact lens eye examination, we’ll recommend the best lens to suit your lifestyle and visual needs. 


If you are new to lenses, we’ll guide you through contact lens fitting and after care so that you can wear them with confidence.


To ensure that you enjoy your best vision with lenses and your eyes stay healthy, we advise an annual contact lens check-up to keep your prescription up to date.

Contact Lenses Solution
Women Wearing Contact Lenses


Ortho-K Lenses - An exceptional choice for short sighted patients. The lens is slept in overnight and removed in the morning, giving the wearer clear vision during the day. Also proven to reduce the progression of short sightedness in younger wearers. Click here to read more.


Myopia Control - Contact lenses for short sighted children proven to reduce the amount of short sightedness they end up with in the long run.


Semi-Scleral Contact Lenses - An exceptional option for high prescriptions and patients with dry eye


Almost Anything! - We pride ourselves on our ability to fit contact lenses. As well as the contact lenses listed here, there are many other options available. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

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