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Women With Dry Eyes


Dry eye syndrome is becoming increasingly common with the increased use of digital devices and air-conditioned environments.


Dineen Opticians have a range of treatments specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of dry eye.


Dry eye syndrome is more prevalent in women than men and can affect people of any age. The symptoms can include a burning sensation, a gritty feeling in the eyes, excessive watering and blurred vision.


Whilst it may be uncomfortable, dry eyes normally cause no visual deterioration. Left untreated, however, extremely dry eyes could cause damage to the cornea. If you are experiencing any discomfort then we recommend you make an appointment so we can check the health of your eyes.


Whilst there is no ‘cure’ to dry eyes, there are plenty of methods available to soothe your symptoms. We have invested in the latest technology available to diagnose and manage dry eyes such as:


  • Tearlab - used to check the quality and quantity of your tears

  • Corneal Topography - used to map the curve of your cornea and highlight any problems with the surface of your eye, such as scarring

  • Blephex - used to clean your eyelids and lashes to remove a build up of dirt.


If you suspect you may be suffering from dry eyes, or have any other concerns then it’s best to get in touch with us to get a diagnosis. We will thoroughly check your eye health with our comprehensive eye examination and recommend any course of treatment necessary.

woman dispensing eye drops into her eye
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